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Hi! Welcome to my food notepad and enjoy my recipes.
I love to eat tasty and it pushed me to love to cook and here you will find my favorite recipes. My favorite foods are what I cooked by my self and most important, it is always with me. And from now with you too. I love borscht. I am originally from Ukraine where people love to cook and, most importantly, know how to do it. Now I am living in Vancouver, Canada, and miss my traditional cuisine. That is why I become a chief at my home kitchen. I love fried, baked, mashed, baby potato in season. I love vegetable salads. If to say shortly, I love tasty food. And I like to share it with you.


I eat what I cook. I am not a vegetarian or a vegan neither gluten-free, paleo, raw guy. I just love to cook and more than happy to share my experience. I am not sure about diets. We can find thousands of diets, what means none of them is working. Be smart with value with daily balanced food and do not forget the statement: “Life is move” (do fitness or similar activity). The tasty result with wiled variety of healthy ingredients is my target. The good recipe makes the quality of your life various. And spending time to cook your own meals is giving you the sense of creator.

Also I am trying to follow seasons and buying the food at the local farmer’s market. It is less cost and definitely healthier than supermarket’s offers.
The restaurant’s food for me is fine but not for daily routine. Especially, if you remember your mom’s homemade meals and like to have it back from your childhood.

I am from the city of Odessa, where collected and well mixed a lot of different nations such as Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, Jewish and many others. Therefore the cousin what I really love is a mix from different nations cousins, passed thru the time and absorbed the best of the best from each of them.

About this Notepad

I made it with support from my friends, I took pictures of the results of my cooking, I ate it. I shared the result of my cooking with my friends and received positive feedback. This notepad is what I like to develop and get some positive feedback from my efforts.
I’m not a certified professional chef or bubble seller. I just want to share what I truly love.
The taste of the result should be real, enjoyable and with wish to do it again.

Copyright & Legal

Let’s respect my job and time what I spent for this notepad.
Do not disappoint me with illegal copyrighting. Life is good and do not need to make it harder for us and DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown process are nobody canceled.
Following rules give you my idea how to live in peace:


Photos you can see on eFOODMASTER.com were taken by me, are owned by me and are copyrighted. You can appreciate my good job. And I believe I deserve some benefits from it.

If you are like to eat tasty and would like to notepad about my recipe, you can’t use my photo. You would have to take your own of the same recipe.

If you are a publication like magazine, TV, publisher etc., you can use my photo only with watermark intact and email me to let me know where and when it will be published.

If you want to share my recipes on any social media channel, no problem. Pin it, Like, Share, Tweet etc. There always should be an original photo with a link back to my blog. Do not copy and post my recipe anywhere else without arranging with me!


If you are writing a notepad post about one of my recipes you made, you will have to describe your experience with your own words. The only parts you can copy are the ingredients. You would have to write your own directions. Please, do not copy it words to words and publishing under your name! Do your own job.


Please, help me to develop my food notepad and link back to the original blog post with the recipe name or eFOODMASTER.com as the link name.

Feel free to contact me or leave the comment below. I will be more than happy to answer you.

Cheers and the best wishes,


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