Pasty with Green Onion and Eggs (Lazy Dough)

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Pasty with Green Onion and Eggs Pasty with Green Onion and Eggs

This recipe is for lazy, who is not happy to work hard with dough. You can apply any staffing with. I like the green onion with eggs and baby dill. Also, to have a little bit healthier product, I used the whole grain all purpose flour instead of white all purpose. The pasty cooked fast,…
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Broccoli Salad, Fresh

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broccoli salad broccoli salad

There is some good reason for the longevity love of Broccoli Salad. It is simple to make, delicious, can be made ahead of time and is easily customizable to suit your own family’s likes. You can use your own imagination and switch up the ingredients to make this recipe as you mostly like.  

Risotto With Mushrooms, Chicken Livers And Gizzards

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risotto risotto

This dish is from sunny Italy. It cooks fast and we can use different ingredients to the base risotto. I made with mushroom, chicken liver and gizzard. Balance all ingredients and carful with seasoning. Sometimes Parmesan cheese is adding too much salt.   Some more

Tom Yum Kung Soup

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Tom Yum Kung Tom Yum Kung

I love Tom Yum soup and hate to spit out the hard and not eatable lemongrass pieces, what I had with this delicious meal. To avoid that I start to use the French cuisine technic with a cheesecloth bag to easily clean the soup from the spices ingredients which already made their job. The result…
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Light Vegetable Soup (Low Calories)

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Light Vege Soup Light Vege Soup

This Soup is very light and has low calories. Light taste and easy to cook keep this dish as a favour soup for my family, when it is time to watch for the weight. And we love this tasty helper. Soup without sour cream   With one spoon of sour cream Soup after mix with sour…
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Teramisu Teramisu

  It is simple, incredibly delicious and always a hit at any party. If you’re having people over for the holidays, or I just to make warm your family, you won’t be disappointed with this tiramisu recipe.     “Ladyfingers”

Dungeness Crab

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Dungeness crab Dungeness crab

  Sea food is always good and tasty. And cook it so fast and easy. I like to represent my way to cook the Dungeness crab. First of all you have to select most live crab. I am cleaning crab before cooking. The trick is to remove the top shell, clean up the crab and…
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Meat Dumpling (Pelmeni)

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Pelmeni Pelmeni

It is time consuming dish for new cooker, especially the work with dough. But there is a way to save time. Any Chinese supermarket (T&T) is sailing the formed (10 cm round or square, 1 mm thin) dough for dumpling. So what we need to do, just stuff that forms with your preference stuffing and…
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Red Caviar (Salmon Roe)

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Red Caviar Red Caviar

We have the season of Salmon and red caviar (salmon roe). It is the most recognizable appetizer in Ukraine and Russia. It looks nice, the taste is delicious and it is a good follower after vodka. That is not all that we can say about this healthy dish. Now it is time for Vancouver’s salmon….
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