Pickles Soup (Rassolnik)

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Rassolnik Rassolnik

Sour taste soup with flavour took from pickles marinade with dill and garlic.  It could be with meat or without.  Serve with sour cream.  

Vinaigrette Salad (Vinegret)

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Vinaigrette salad Vinaigrette salad

  It is good to serve as side dish or appetizer salad. It is traditional Ukrainian/Russian winter/fall salad. There are poor vegetarian ingredients. It could be the main dish with fresh bread.   And without peas  

Goulash. My version.

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Goulash Goulash

  There’re a lot of recipes for goulash. It is may be not less than Ukrainian Borscht. This version is what I like. It is really tasty, colourful and not complicates to cook dish. It is good to serve with chopped parsley. It looks great even in the pot

“Green Borscht” (Zeleniy Borsch).How we cook it in Odessa.

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green borscht green borscht

  Low calories healthy soup with spring season taste. Spring seasonal greens are coming and it is time to enjoy it.  We can name it “Spinach soup” as well. It is match with vegetation diet. It is good to serve with sour cream and boiled egg. Do not afraid to damp all greens to the pot. It will fit later.

Lazy Cheese Dumpling (Lenivie Vareniki)

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Lazy Cheese Dumpling Lazy Cheese Dumpling

The meal is very easy to cook for a happy breakfast. My mom made it at the weekend, in a very good morning. It is a very gentle taste with light sour. Good match with hot sweet tea. It is good to serve with apricot jam or sour cream. The cottage cheese for recipe should…
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Lazy Meat Dumplings (Lenivie Pelmeni)

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Lazy Meat Dumplings Lazy Meat Dumplings

  It is boring for me to form dumplings. I found how to have homemade dumpling and void the boring part of it. It is good to serve with sour cream or mayonnaise as well as with roasted pepper or lecho You can keep frozen Lazy Meat Dumplings up to 2 months in a freezer.

Pasty with Sauerkraut (Pirozhok s kapustoi)

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pasty pasty

  I tried to figure out how to make a pasty, traditional Ukrainian dish, stuffed with sauerkraut. Here is the result. It is tasty,soft, looks perfect and does not take a lot of time to cook. It is good to serve with Borscht as well as with sweet black tea.

Cabbage Rolls (Golubci)

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cabbage roll cabbage roll

  There’re a lots of recipes for cabbage rolls. This version is favorite for our friends and family.