Clafoutis with Apricots

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This is French easy cooking dessert with fruit test and flavours. Very light texture and low time consumption dish. ; ; –more– PrintClafoutis with apricots Ingredients:• 8 apricots, 800 g • 3 eggs, 160 g • 1 can coconut milk, canned 400 ml • ½ cup sugar, 80 g • 1 cup flour, all-purpose 75…
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Thin Pancake Stuffed with Cottage Cheese.

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Thin pancake stuffed with cottage cheese and raisin is the common dish for a meat-free diet. It is a tasty way to eat healthy milk products. Also, a cup of black or green tea is well matching with this dish as well as sour cream. ; One more ; –more– PrintThin pancake staffed with cottage…
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Lazy Cheese Dumpling (Lenivie Vareniki)

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Lazy Cheese Dumpling

The meal is very easy to cook for a happy breakfast. My mom made it at the weekend, in a very good morning. It is a very gentle taste with light sour. Good match with hot sweet tea. It is good to serve with apricot jam or sour cream. The cottage cheese for recipe should…
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Fried Eggs (Shakshuka)

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fried eggs

Easy recipe for good morning. Do not over cook it. Use no oil fry pan to reduce calories. PrintFried Eggs Ingredients:1 small chopped onion (30 g / 1 oz) 1 small chopped tomato (50 g / 2 oz) 1 small chopped bell pepper (50 g / 2 oz) 2-3 eggs 15 g unsalted butter (1/2 oz) 1-2…
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