Lobio from Georgia

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Dark red kidney beans dish is the long-cooked product, but with an incredible amount of protein for the vegetarian. Georgians are making beans with an aroma of fried onion, coriander and garlic. The dish can store for a long period of time and become tastier. It is good warm as well as cold. The dish…
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Adzhapsandaly. The Taste of Georgia.

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  Adzhapsandaly is very famous dish from Georgia cuisine. It is hard to pronounce, but so easy to enjoy. It is cold appetiser. But also could be serving hot with pita (or fresh bread, or rice, or mash potato). The dish is time consuming, but definitely the result is tasty. How it looks in the…
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Potato Pancake (Draniki)

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Potato Pancake

Potato pancakes cook from grated or ground potato, flour and egg, often flavored with grated onion and seasoning with black pepper. This colourful dish, looks like Sun, usually topped with sour cream. The good accomplish of this dish is a roasted pork rib. I cooked it with air grill for 30 Min.    

Potatoes with Bell Peppers

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Potatoes with Bell Pepper

  It is my favorite vegetable delicious side meal. The dish is really tasty as warm and as cold. Healthy and looks good. Very easy to cook, just dump everything to the fry pan and wait for the result.

Vinaigrette Salad (Vinegret)

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Vinaigrette salad

  It is good to serve as side dish or appetizer salad. It is traditional Ukrainian/Russian winter/fall salad. There are poor vegetarian ingredients. It could be the main dish with fresh bread.   And without peas  

Baked Potatoes

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baked potato

  Extremely easy and forgotten side dish Baked potatoes well match with beetroot salad Beetroot Salad. Potatoes should be peeled before bake. Cold baked potatoes are not as good as hot. Baked potatoes well match with beetroot salad