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Tom Yum Kung

I love Tom Yum soup and hate to spit out the hard and not eatable lemongrass pieces, what I had with this delicious meal. For avoid that I start to use the French cuisine technic with cheesecloth bag to easy clean the soup from the spices ingredients which already made their job. The result is…
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  It is simple, incredibly delicious and always a hit at any party. If you’re having people over for the holidays, or I just to make warm your family, you won’t be disappointed with this tiramisu recipe.     “Ladyfingers”

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Dungeness crab

  Sea food is always good and tasty. And cook it so fast and easy. I like to represent my way to cook the Dungeness crab. First of all you have to select most live crab. I am cleaning crab before cooking. The trick is to remove the top shell, clean up the crab and…
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Carrot Salad

  This Carrot Salad is most popular salad in my city Odessa in Ukraine, and not only there. On the public market you can easy find local Koreans who is sailing this spicy colourful salad. Most Ukrainian holiday tables have this salad. It is perfectly match with meat and sausages. And it is really healthy dish, especially…
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