Pasty with Green Onion and Eggs (Lazy Dough)

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Pasty with Green Onion and Eggs

This recipe is for lazy, who is not happy to work hard with dough. You can apply any staffing with. I like the green onion with eggs and baby dill. Also, to have a little bit healthier product, I used the whole grain all purpose flour instead of white all purpose. The pasty cooked fast,…
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Apple Sponge Cake (Sharlotka)

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eggs, apple, cake, sponge

  Good recipe to add some taste to your morning tea or coffee. My friend shared with me the following: coolio… The boy is my nephew and he couldn’t decide what cake to make. After an hour I made an executive decision and showed him yours. He started right away and he made it in no time…
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Fried Eggs (Shakshuka)

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fried eggs

  Easy recipe for good morning. Do not over cook it. Use no oil fry pan to reduce calories.   PrintFried Eggs Ingredients:1 small chopped onion (30 g / 1 oz) 1 small chopped tomato (50 g / 2 oz) 1 small chopped bell pepper (50 g / 2 oz) 2-3 eggs 15 g unsalted butter (1/2…
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