Dungeness Crab

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Dungeness crab

  Sea food is always good and tasty. And cook it so fast and easy. I like to represent my way to cook the Dungeness crab. First of all you have to select most live crab. I am cleaning crab before cooking. The trick is to remove the top shell, clean up the crab and…
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Adzhapsandaly. The Taste of Georgia.

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  Adzhapsandaly is very famous dish from Georgia cuisine. It is hard to pronounce, but so easy to enjoy. It is cold appetiser. But also could be serving hot with pita (or fresh bread, or rice, or mash potato). The dish is time consuming, but definitely the result is tasty. How it looks in the…
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Bake Potato with Apple, Dry Plum and Bacon

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Bake Potato

  This dish is easy to cook and the result is new taste and healthy meal. Apple and dry plum give new taste of smoke bacon and potato. We can skip bacon, sour cream and mayo and the dish could be vegetarian with interesting combination of taste.     Bake potato ingridients before cooke ……
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Cutlet. Home Style (Kotleta)

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  Ukrainian/Russian version of cutlet is a pan-fried minced meat dish that contains ground meat, breadcrumbs, garlic and onion. It is one of the most popular house dish in Ukraine. It served with side dishes such as mashed potatoes, fries, pasta, boiled buckwheat and barley. It is easy, delicious dish and our way to cook…
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Harcho Soup with Ribs, Rice and Tomatoes (adapted version).

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Soup harcho

This dish is originally from Georgia cuisine and adapted to our real. Spice taste with sour from tomato paste and fresh tomatoes is good pointed with nice color of the dish. Sunny soup from sunny country. It can be cooked from ingredients with Georgian’s spices mix hmeli-suneli. You can find it in any Russian/Ukrainian oriented grocery…
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Ground Meat with Tomatoes and Boiled Buckwheat

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Ground Meat with Tomatoes

It is easy to cook and tasty main dish with meat and tomatoes, what I like to eat with fresh salad. Very good match with boiled buckwheat mashed or baked potatoes, rice and pasta. It is good to serve with boiled buckwheat.

Eggplant Roasted Salad (spread)

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Salad Ikra Eggplant

This is the best what I ever posted. We like this season of fall dish. All ingredients better to buy at Public Market and not from the hothouse. You can serve it as a salad, or as a spread on top of the good bread and butter. I do not know what is better. Anyway,…
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Roasted Bell Pepper

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roasted bell pepper

  I love to cook roasted peppers. The aroma when it bakes is out of the words.      It looks as colorful as it tasty.     Garlic is the major ingredient after bell pepper baked . Marinade for roasted bell pepper.