Lazy Cheese Dumpling (Lenivie Vareniki)

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Lazy Cheese Dumpling

The meal is very easy to cook for a happy breakfast. My mom made it at the weekend, in a very good morning. It is a very gentle taste with light sour. Good match with hot sweet tea. It is good to serve with apricot jam or sour cream. The cottage cheese for recipe should…
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Lazy Meat Dumplings (Lenivie Pelmeni)

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Lazy Meat Dumplings

  It is boring for me to form dumplings. I found how to have homemade dumpling and void the boring part of it. It is good to serve with sour cream or mayonnaise as well as with roasted pepperĀ or lecho You can keep frozen Lazy Meat Dumplings up to 2 months in a freezer.