Stuffed Bell Pepper

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Stuffed Pepper

Tradition Ukrainian cuisine is hard to imagine without this dish. With the aroma of bell pepper and sour from tomato paste sauce, this main dish can satisfy anybody who loves tasty food. Traditionally served with sour cream or, who loves it, with mayonnaise. The dish is from the time when nobody calculated calories. Ready for…
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Potatoes with Bell Peppers

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Potatoes with Bell Pepper

  It is my favorite vegetable delicious side meal. The dish is really tasty as warm and as cold. Healthy and looks good. Very easy to cook, just dump everything to the fry pan and wait for the result.

Goulash. My version.

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  There’re a lot of recipes for goulash. It is may be not less than Ukrainian Borscht. This version is what I like. It is really tasty, colourful and not complicates to cook dish. It is good to serve with chopped parsley. It looks great even in the pot

Bell Pepper Salad (Lecho)

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lecho, bell pepper salad

The taste is sour, sweet and very flavorful. From Bell Pepper, you can cook a perfect appetizer. Two “friends” are adding to each other. Fried onion adds to sweet pepper mix with tomato paste with water We have lecho

Fried Eggs (Shakshuka)

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fried eggs

Easy recipe for good morning. Do not over cook it. Use no oil fry pan to reduce calories. PrintFried Eggs Ingredients:1 small chopped onion (30 g / 1 oz) 1 small chopped tomato (50 g / 2 oz) 1 small chopped bell pepper (50 g / 2 oz) 2-3 eggs 15 g unsalted butter (1/2 oz) 1-2…
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