Sausage Mix Soup (Sbornaya Solynka)

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Sausage Soup

  This delicious spice soup is saving not only time, because cooking fast, but utilise some ingredients, what could be left after party. I like this soup for sour test and perfect flavour of smoke meat. All ingredients are perfectly matching.     Serve it with slice of lemon and 1 tbsp. of sour cream

Ground Meat with Tomatoes and Boiled Buckwheat

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Ground Meat with Tomatoes

It is easy to cook and tasty main dish with meat and tomatoes, what I like to eat with fresh salad. Very good match with boiled buckwheat mashed or baked potatoes, rice and pasta. It is good to serve with boiled buckwheat.

Bell Pepper Salad (Lecho)

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lecho, bell pepper salad

  The taste is sour, sweet, very flavor. From Bell Pepper you can cook perfect appetizer. Two “friends” are adding each other. Fried onion adds to sweet pepper mix with tomato paste with water We have lecho