Lobio from Georgia

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Dark red kidney beans dish is the long-cooked product, but with an incredible amount of protein for the vegetarian. Georgians are making beans with an aroma of fried onion, coriander and garlic. The dish can store for a long period of time and become tastier. It is good warm as well as cold. The dish…
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Light Vegetable Soup (Low Calories)

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Light Vege Soup

This Soup is very light and has low calories. Light taste and easy to cook keep this dish as a favour soup for my family, when it is time to watch for the weight. And we love this tasty helper. Soup without sour cream   With one spoon of sour cream Soup after mix with sour…
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Summer/Fall Vegetable Light Salad.

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Summer Salad

The taste of this salad is really depending from used ingredients. I try to cook it in a season of field tomatoes and cucumbers. This gives the best choice of vegetables and the best result in salad. Salad is matching to serve with any fried, baked, roasted meals. The fresh taste will point even butter…
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Potatoes with Bell Peppers

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Potatoes with Bell Pepper

  It is my favorite vegetable delicious side meal. The dish is really tasty as warm and as cold. Healthy and looks good. Very easy to cook, just dump everything to the fry pan and wait for the result.

Pickles Soup (Rassolnik)

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Sour taste soup with flavour took from pickles marinade with dill and garlic.  It could be with meat or without.  Serve with sour cream.  

Vinaigrette Salad (Vinegret)

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Vinaigrette salad

  It is good to serve as side dish or appetizer salad. It is traditional Ukrainian/Russian winter/fall salad. There are poor vegetarian ingredients. It could be the main dish with fresh bread.   And without peas  

“Green Borscht” (Zeleniy Borsch).How we cook it in Odessa.

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green borscht

  Low calories healthy soup with spring season taste. Spring seasonal greens are coming and it is time to enjoy it.  We can name it “Spinach soup” as well. It is match with vegetation diet. It is good to serve with sour cream and boiled egg. Do not afraid to damp all greens to the pot. It will fit later.

Bell Pepper Salad (Lecho)

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lecho, bell pepper salad

The taste is sour, sweet and very flavorful. From Bell Pepper, you can cook a perfect appetizer. Two “friends” are adding to each other. Fried onion adds to sweet pepper mix with tomato paste with water We have lecho

Roasted Bell Pepper

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roasted bell pepper

  I love to cook roasted peppers. The aroma when it bakes is out of the words.      It looks as colorful as it tasty.     Garlic is the major ingredient after bell pepper baked . Marinade for roasted bell pepper.